By default, the owner of a license will contacted when network licenses and/or any licensed Server products are updated.

In some cases, the owner of the license may not be the person administering the software. In the case where Servers need to be updated, or new network licenses need to be downloaded, then it can make sense for email alerts to be sent to the software administrator. License owners can add a technical contact via their myCLC account, who will then also receive such email alerts.

Technical contacts will also be able to see the license information in the license owner's myCLC account via their myCLC account. For details please refer to the related pages listed below.

To add someone as a technical contact to your licenses,

1) Log into your  myCLC account.
2) Click on the Account tab in the right hand side
3) Click on the Roles subheading under Account
4) Click on the links provided to add someone in a role, as illustrated in the image.


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