You can contact our Support team:


From within a CLC Workbench
Sending us an email
From the web admin interface for a CLC Server


Please also refer to our related FAQ entry describing eligibility for Support.



Via a CLC Workbench


If you have a question and are using the Workbench, then the best way to contact us is to use the tool in the Workbench under the Help menu at:


Help | Contact Support


Please include your full and correct email address in the form provided.


If you are reporting an error, please refer to our related FAQ: How do I submit an error report for a CLC Workbench to the CLC Support team?


To report problems using the Assembly Cell software, please use the support option described below.




You can email us at


If contacting us by email, it will help if you include information about the license you are using. Further details on this can be found via the following related FAQs:



From the web admin interface for a CLC Server


To submit your CLC Server logs, please go to the web administrative interface for the Genomics Server, and click on the "report a bug" link in the top right hand side.


If you are already in touch with us related to the issue you are sending a report about, please include the case number after your email address in the email address line of the submission, for example: 123456789


On a machine with a network connection, you do the above and then just click on the button labelled "Submit Bug Report".


On a machine without a network connection, click on the button labelled "Download Bug Report", copy the zip file to a machine with a network connection and attach the log files in an email to us. Email contact is described in the section above.


Using this method results in the submission of a zip archive of your Server log files along with your request. If you have problems sending your report to us due to the size of the log file archive, then please use email to contact us, as described above, and let us know this. We will then provide alternative platform that you can transfer the files to.


This method is generally intended for asking questions or reporting problems related to a CLC Server setup. For Workbench or Assembly Cell questions, please consider using one of the methods described above.