If the Genomics Server administrative web interface is accessible

To submit your CLC Server logs, please go to the administrative web interface for the Genomics Server and click on the "report a bug" link in the top right hand side.




On a machine with a network connection 

If you are already in touch with us related to the issue you are sending a report about, please include the support request number in the email line of your submission, for example:


joeblogs@madeupplace.com 12300


Then click on the button labelled "Submit Bug Report".


Please include a detailed a description of your question, or the problem you are experiencing.


On a machine without a network connection


  • Click on the button labelled "Download Bug Report"
  • Copy the downloaded zip file to a machine with a network connection
  • Attach the zip file to an email sent to ts-bioinformatics@qiagen.com


Using this method results in the submission of a zip archive of your Server log files along with your request. If you have problems sending your report to us due to the size of the log file archive, then please send an email to ts-bioinformatics@qiagen.com to let us know this. We will then provide alternative platform that you can transfer the files to.


If the Genomics Server administrative web interface is NOT accessible

Please create a zip (or compressed) file containing the following files from the Genomics Server installation directory:


  • output.log
  • logs/*
  • webapps/CLCServer/WEB-INF/*


Please email this compressed file to ts-bioinformatics@qiagen.com.