General recommendation

It is not something that is generally done, but you can downgrade your CLC Server software to an earlier version than the one you are currently running.

While we fully support upgrading of software in place, we do not commit to being able to downgrade in place. While it will often "just work", we we do not guarantee it. We also do not guarantee that data and workflows generated in a newer version of the Genomics Server or the corresponding Genomics Workbench will be usable in older versions of the software.

To downgrade a CLC Server, we recommend installing to a new location and reconfiguring the software in that new location. If you wish to avoid making changes to your CLC Server service script, then you could move the old installation and then move the new installation to the original location. Alternatively, edit your service script to indicate which copy of the CLC Server should be started up when the service is started.